Voicemail I received from Catrina that does casting for Shark Tank:

Before I jump into the details about the Shark Tank call, I need to update you on what’s been going on for the past two months. I’ve been working at Yelp, and it’s great! I love the people and the company culture. Yelp is growing extremely fast, and being a part of that is awesome. However, the job itself is demanding. To put it simply, working in sales is hard, but as an aspiring entrepreneur I need to know how to sell. I’ve learned a lot and developed thicker skin after getting told no several times a day on the phone by business owners. I literally have to call and convince them to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars with a company in which most people in the territory I call into haven’t heard of yet. It surprises me how many businesses haven’t heard of Yelp! Anyways, it’s a pretty cool feeling to call someone, pitch to them over the phone and get them to give you their credit card at the end of the call! Sales is definitely a character building industry, you have your ups and downs and everyday is pretty unpredictable. You have to motivate and believe in yourself; mind over matter!

Starting a new job and moving to a new city has totally thrown off my schedule. I haven’t been nearly as productive as I would have liked to, and I have not held myself accountable for my New Years Resolutions. It’s tough trying to balance a new job and wanting to be good at it, with creating time for my personal interests and side projects; they have definitely fallen by the wayside. By the time I get home from work and the gym, I’m pooped. I get home and I don’t want to use my brain for anything. Needless to say my productivity levels dropped tremendously. I felt that I was slacking with My College Hustle, and not dedicating enough time to it once I got home from work. Granted there was only so much I could do while waiting for my developers to respond with updates, but I still felt like I was slacking. I wasn’t balancing my work life and personal interests.

But lo and behold I get a call from Shark Tank! It was just what I needed to remind me to stay focused and committed to this idea, and that the work I’ve put in so far has not been in vain. After speaking with Catrina, she told me that I made it to the next round of casting! This involved me having to fill out an application, submit a video and mail it to ABC studios. I was super excited and planned on having my application done in a few days…welp, that didn’t happen :/ …it took me two weeks! I had to ask her for an extension smh… That’s when I realized I needed to get my life back in order, be productive and figure out how to balance my work-life, social-life, and side projects.

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Side note: The application had to be handwritten smh -__-…I literally have the worst handwriting on the planet, and the application was 25 pages long!

What makes this story interesting is that I applied to Shark Tank back in August. I went to an open call and pitched my idea to one of the judges and she seemed to like it. I thought I was going to get a call, and be on the upcoming season, which was set to start airing in September. Thus, I was pretty disappointed when I didn’t. I was totally shocked to hear from Catrina almost six months later. This experience taught me that things work out at the right time. Of course I was disappointed about not getting on the last season, but after thinking about it, I realized that I was not ready. My app was not built nor had any users. Now, my app is built with beta testers ready to try it out. The timing right now is perfect, but whether or not I make it past the next round, I’m just glad to have gotten a call. That means they saw something in my business. It’s mind boggling to think that out of the thousands of people that apply, something about my business and me stuck out. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on how everything goes! If I do make it to the next round, filming would begin around June or July.

Starting this week, I plan on making the necessary adjustments to ensure optimum productivity. No time will be wasted. For instance, riding the subway everyday to work will no longer be 30 minutes to jam out to my favorite tracks, but 30 minutes used to scratch something off my daily productivity list. This job and living in NYC has taught me how to hustle, and that every minute counts. One of the books I am reading this month is Daily Rituals How Artists Work; it’s apart of Tim Ferris’s book club.


This is perfect timing for me to have started this book because I need to get back into developing a set routine. Although, since I plan on going out often, having fun and exploring what New York has to offer, I know I won’t be able to plan everyday precisely. With that being said, I still need to find a way to get my daily goals accomplished despite having a change in schedule.

Two Takeaways:

1. Just because something doesn’t happen when you expect it too, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.

2. Develop a routine or schedule and hold yourself accountable to sticking to it!


Cheers to productivity!

  • Thomas Ademiluyi

    Feeling so inspired… It really doesn’t feel like work when we love it. There’s this term that Memphis Grizzlies fans(If you watch NBA) use…”Grit n Grind”….The ability to continue pushing on and hustling, making baskets, winning in sweet or ugly ways. Thanks for the post Alicia. Take care.

    • http://www.AliciaTGlenn.com/ alicia

      Love that NBA reference! I really appreciate you consistently checking out my blog :).

      • Thomas Ademiluyi

        You’re welcome :) Let’s achieve greater things this new week. Cheers to greatness!

  • Austin M

    I agree with Thomas, you are truly inspiring. I just found your blog today and have looked around a bit; I admire your aspirations and how you MAKE it happen instead of waiting for something to happen. I wish you all the best at Yelp and all of your future aspirations. I will definitely be visiting your blog often. Keep inspiring other young entrepreneurs and people like me trying to find our way into the world of entrepreneurship!

    • http://www.AliciaTGlenn.com/ alicia

      Thanks Austin! I appreciate you checking out my blog, I’m glad I can be a source of inspiration during your journey to entrepreneurship! I wish you the best as well! Keep me updated on your entrepreneurial journey :)